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We are a small but growing group of people who love God and want to see his loving message of salvation spread across the world. We meet on Sundays at 11:05 for praise and worship. Our music is contemporary in style but we will sing a hymn to get the service started. There is always an inspiring message from the bible. 


What to expect when Visiting for the first time

It’s never easy to visit a church for the first time,so we do everything we can to make that experience a good one.  

The entire service lasts for about an hour.


We welcome everyone just as they are. Some people dress up and others dress very casually. We encourage you to come the way that you feel most comfortable.



  We have music that is contemporary, but sometimes we mix in some traditional songs. Don’t worry you don’t have to sing,  but we provide lyrics so you can follow along. 

This portion of the service lasts about 20 minutes.

Dylan Jackson is the lead musician


As part of our weekly services we do take up an offering. If you are a guest, please do not feel any pressure or obligation to give. This is an act of worship for our regular attendees, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work He is doing in their lives and to give back to help continue the work of the church.


If you have children, they’ll love our kids’ environments. We’ve put a lot of energy into making church fun, entertaining, and educational for kids of all ages.. They have their own music, games, and object lessons, all while you’re off enjoying “big church” as they call it. One of our core values is to invest the best in the next generation, so we care deeply about our kids’ environments. We understand how precious your children are and we take great care to make sure that they are safe at all times.



Our ladies meet each Tuesday at 6:00pm at Freedom Road for a 45 minute walk and then bible study at 6:45.

All ladies are invited 

A look inside the sanctuary




We have many outreach events like this 4th of July cookout




Enjoy some coffee before church




A place to relax


We have a nativity scene each year

Nativity Scene 2014

Nativity Scene 2014